Andree expedition


Just though i'd share the first game we made at school. Its about a trip gone wrong to the northpole. See the story:

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Broken website


Sadly i've been to busy to work on my personal website, seems i've broke it somehow. Been working more on fixing up Lazy Solutions website. I will one day fix this up!

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DevLog: 2018:#3


A little snippet of what I'm working on at the moment. The animation is from Mixamo,

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DevLog: 2018:#2


Updated the unity project to 2018.3 to prepare for the stunning upcoming 2019.1 which will include the very much needed terrain tool update.

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A New Horrorgame


It was a bit of a pain making a multiplayer horror game in Unity with their UNET (which they we remake soon if I'm not wrong) , so we put that game on hold. We have started making a new game we hope people will enjoy, that we hope to release at the end of summer. I plan to post some interesting things i make in the game here for all of you to see.

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I had a lot of fun...


No, this is not going to be in the game as it is, but it's a working skeleton for things i might want to add into the game. If i like the idea..

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