Experiments and Prototypes

Dare Open

A game nuwn quite liked making and playing, but the shadow and lighting just... well he felt like he needed a small break from it.

Hopefully continued Avalible to try at Discord


A Tinder inspired game, you were to fight other AI males, interact with the girls etc. etc.

Not so fun gameplay.

Blow your Friends Up

The idea is simple, its a 2 player game. They need to reach to the other side through minefield. If they blow up they re-spawn at start. Whoever gets to finish first wins.

Try at itch.io!

Floor is lava

Nuwn started this on his christmas break, 2 kids throwing magic at each other and spawning items to stand on, trying to hit the other so they gets pushed into walls or floor.

A rushed project with to much tangled code.